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What You Should Know About Horseback Riding

A horse belongs to the class of mammals and the family of Equidae, which is also recognized as one of two extant or surviving subspecies of the Equus ferus. The reason why people are amazed with horses is because of their sense of balance that are well-developed, as well as, their strong fight-or-flight response than other animals; and they owe it to their anatomy for it allows them to make use of their own speed when they escape from any upcoming dangers like hunters or predators. Horse breeding is basically divided into three categories, namely the cold bloods, the hot bloods, and the warmbloods. The horses that are categorized as warmbloods, are actually crossbreeds of hot bloods and cold bloods; in which the hot bloods are the ones that possesses endurance and speed, while the cold bloods can do heavy and slow workloads. Some of the common uses of horses to their owners or handlers, include for therapy, for agriculture, for entertainment or leisure, for working activities and for sports competition.

Equestrian is a word that is known in the British English as horse riding, while on the American English, is horseback riding; and typically it is something that can be used for the skills that humans may acquire from the help of horses, such as vaulting, steeplechasing, riding, and driving. Equestrian is also being used to refer any interaction or activities done by both horses and human species, and that basically include artistic or cultural exercises, competitive sports, recreational activities, practical working purposes, and transportation. Some of the common competitive sports that involves the use of horses include rodeo, driving, horse racing, dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, and polo.

Most of the horse lovers and breeders have their own stables for their horses, and the term stable is referring to the building where livestock animals, especially horses are being kept by their owners or caretakers. Some of the most common materials used for constructing stables include bricks, stones, steel, and wood; and its common design include having separate stalls for each horses. Horse boarding is actually a term that referring to the type of stables where the owners of horses pay fees in a weekly or monthly basis to keep their horses; and some of the common types of horse boarding include the self-board, which is quite the same with the DIY or do it yourself livery; the pasture board, which is also similar with the grass livery; the full board, which encompasses daily grooming, riding, stall-cleaning, stabling, providing food and water, and training; and the partial board, which include feeding the horses with hay twice a day, shelter, water, and stabling.

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