How to Find the Perfect Necklace for Any Outfit


Adding a necklace is an easy way to bring a touch of art, glamor, or luxury to any outfit. Choosing the right necklace can be challenging because it must perfectly complement the top or dress. Discover how to find the perfect accessory to turn an everyday outfit into an eye-catching ensemble.

Bring on the Bling

Nothing makes a black dress look more fabulous than bringing on the bling. Add a sparkling necklace with plenty of pizazz to turn the dress into a perfect outfit for a date or a night on the town. Just take off the chain to bring the dress back to a suitable daytime look.

A Dramatic Choker

Many women enjoy the sensual look of a v-neck design that reveals the neck and upper chest in a feminine way. Adorning this area of the body brings more attention to it and adds a touch of beauty to an outfit. A choker necklace is a perfect addition to any v-neck top.

Add an Artistic Statement Piece

Statement jewelry is big, bold, and colorful. It works well with otherwise quiet outfits that need an artistic addition to take them to the next level. Slip into a beautifully crafted statement necklace and watch any outfit come alive.

Fit Into the Neckline

When choosing a necklace, it is essential to determine whether it will fit the neckline of the outfit. Otherwise, the necklace falls under the neckline and nobody sees it. Shorter chains fall higher on the neck while long ones might go as low as the upper stomach.

Long and Luxurious

When a woman slips into a turtleneck, cowl neck, or mock neck sweater, a longer necklace adds a luxurious touch. Consider a thick chain on its own or a slender one with a bold charm for visual interest. Select a necklace that falls a couple of inches under the neckline so it can be seen and appreciated.

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