Booties or Boots: Check Out This Website to Decide


Booties, or ankle boots, are a trendy fashion choice today. The adorable footwear comes in a variety of colors and styles and can be used in an almost endless number of ways. Women that love boots will enjoy the addition of booties to their wardrobe. Here is how to decide when to wear this type of boot.

Pair with Jeans

Ankle boots look great when worn under boot cut jeans or with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into the bootie. A slight heel on the ankle boot will help to lengthen the legs regardless of how they are worn. Another stylish possibility is to pair the boots with skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up to reveal a little flash of the leg above the bootie. Experts recommend using shorter skinny jeans for this purpose to avoid a bulky cuff.

Wear With Skirts

Booties with skirts or dresses are a great match. Wear a casual skirt with tights for a comfortable weekend look. When worn with bare legs and a dress or formal skirt, the boots can easily fit into a work wardrobe. Booties also look perfect with long, flowing skirts for attending casual or semi-formal events.

Improve Work Wear

Days spent at the office can mean an endless parade of heels and flats. The addition of booties will be a relief for the feet and add interest to a wardrobe. Make a boring pair of dress pants look instantly trendier with the addition of a pair of booties. Create a cool silhouette by choosing a monochromatic color scheme for a slimming effect. Use booties to update an existing pantsuit so it looks like a whole new outfit.

Keep it Cool

Booties work perfectly with nearly any outfit normally worn with taller boots. The benefit is that booties are cooler to wear than boots that rise over the calf. Women that normally must set aside their favorite boots during the hottest weather now have the choice of booties instead.

A bootie purchase is not another footwear indulgence. The investment in this type of shoes is a smart buy because it can pair with nearly anything and be worn all year long. To see the styles available, check out this website.


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