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The Benefits of Using Sod For Your Lawn Over the Seeding Type

A beautiful lawn outside your home is an attractive accessory, and it adds splendor to the outside part of your home. There are different types of lawns where you can decide to plant seedlings or get a sod to install and both come with different advantages and disadvantages of their own. You may have decided you want the sod lawn but you are not sure if it is the best option, so read on the following article and it will help you learn more about the many advantages the sod lawn has over the seeding lawn.

The sod lawn has instant results, and you can fully use it in less than a month after installing. In case you get visitors, and you had not yet planted your lawn, installing sods is the best option because they take less time to give the desired results.

Installing a sod lawn requires less labor compared to planting and taking care of a seeding lawn. For a sod lawn you will only be required to water for a few weeks, and they are ready compared to a seeding lawn that will require water for more than two years for the grass to grow well.

The sod lawns that you install have no weeds between the grasses so you will have a perfect lawn at the end of the day. The sod is professionally grown to give the best results and that what you get by installing the sod lawn.

Installing a sod lawn is less expensive at the end compared to what you use in planting and taking care of the seeding lawn. You will incur many costs on the seeding lawn planting and maintenance at the end, so if you are cost conscious, you will go for the sod lawn, but you must have enough cash at the beginning because sod is expensive to buy and install.

The sod lawn helps you control dust and soil erosion if you are facing these problems much faster because it is easily installed and you have your lawn ready within a day.

The sod lawn may be installed at any season of the year if you have enough readily available water since they need a lot of it in the beginning so that they take roots, but you can also plant during the seasons that they thrive if you do not have enough water available.

The sod lawns are denser since the grasses are closely grown to each other and are not easy to dry and leave patches like the seeding lawn that dry easily thus have a more beautiful look at the end.

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Why Grass Aren’t As Bad As You Think


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