Wooden Entryway Storage Bench

simpli home entryway storage bench

If you want the solid and durable furniture, teak is the most recommended material for you. This also applies to the entryway storage bench. Teak is one type of hardwood that is known as the strong and termite resistant wood. Therefore, it is easy to maintain and clean. This is the most popular furniture material for the entire community abroad. Choosing high quality teak bench is not easy, especially for buyers who do not understand the ins and outs of the teak. Here are some tips in choosing a good teak storage bench.


Firstly, you have to pay attention to its finishing. In the visible, the display of teak can reflect the quality. Do not choose teak bench with the rough finishing. However, you also should not be fooled by outward appearances. You need to tap the surface of the entryway storage bench to ensure its authenticity. As a reference, teak has some type and grade. Good teak does not have the rather fluffy white part since this is usually can be the meal of termites. From the price, the size of teak plank will affect the price. Adapting the market price, it is usually modified by the board connection.


The quality of bench is at its legs. Meanwhile, to the table, you need to pay attention to its surface. Choose the table with the smooth surface and not brittle. Furthermore, maintaining and cleaning the teak bench is very easy. You simply wipe it with teak oil or pledge. Teak oil is usually sold in the building materials store, while the pledge is available at the super market. You can do this treatment for entryway storage bench at least once in six months. For bench that has a lot of carving, you can use the small brush mixed with teak oil to clean the indentation from the dust and dirt.

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