Bedroom Storage Bench Colors

bedroom storage bench plans

Just like the other rooms, bedrooms also need the seat of couch. However, you can use the other types of seats such as bedroom storage bench. By placing this furniture, you do not need to use too much cabinet since most items can be stored on the bench. You should not be hasty in choosing the storage bench designs for the bedroom. Models, design, size and color must be in harmony with the interior decor of your room. In addition, consider the concept that you want to display. If you want to give a classic touch in bedroom, use a storage bench with gold color finishing along the bench frame.


In fact, the golden shades are very effective to present the impression of luxury. There are also the other color combinations that can be adjusted to the theme of your bedroom. As another option, bedroom storage bench in French neo-classical style is the perfect idea. This design is supported by the combination of gold color and engraving pattern. This bench carries cabriole design and it is decorated with floral motifs carved on the legs of the bench. For upholstery, choose velvet cream which has the soft texture and not easily soiled. It could well bring the classic-luxurious accents in every moment with your family.


Do not buy storage bench in the furniture store as you will only get the monotonous design. It would be better if you ordered it at the carpenter or craftsman based on the design you want. To get an exclusive look, apply the finishing that is covered by semi-gloss top coat to maintain its color. Actually, you can also order the other finishing colors to suit the needs of the bedroom storage bench. If you choose a wooden bench, make sure that it is hardwood and it is made with the best furniture construction techniques.

Gallery of Bedroom Storage Bench Colors