The Natural Vintage White Laminate Flooring Concept

high gloss white laminate flooring


White laminate flooring is definitely a vintage house theme. Do you ever see a house which has a white floor? Yup, it is the white vintage laminate flooring. It is the old fashion design interior that still bring the best performance ever. If you like a vintage theme, this is the time you should try it on your house. We bet it is worth to try, indeed. The white paint will show you the beauty of old-modern style ever. In here, you have to use the wood floor or we can say, cork flooring. This floor will be painted by white color and it will totally wonderful.


However, the white laminate flooring is also keeping some negative side. Well, as we know, white color is easily to get dirty which means it will be not a long-lasting concept. You should repaint it again and again regularly every 2 or 3 years. This is too much, isn’t it? If you do not want to do it, then you should to paint it with the best paint ever. But it must be expensive. Also, it still makes you to regularly repaint but not as short as the cheap paint. It maybe wastes your money.


This is the problem of people who want to apply it. This vintage theme will take your money away continue. But, we suggest you to repaint in years. You can paint it after 10 or 15 years later. So, let it fading out. It will looks like a real art of vintage itself. You can save your money and get the best vintage theme concept ever. You get a chance to see how vintage can paint your day with a natural way. In this moment, you should not to fading your paint or whatever in order to get the perfect white laminate flooring vintage concept.

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