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what is laminate wood flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a kind of flooring that will be using wood as the main material. This kind of flooring is quite common as you could find that in your society. Flooring is an important part of your house, and constructing the floor is certainly difficult thing. There are actually many preferences in choosing the floor. There could be wood, stone, ceramic, or vinyl. Indeed, stone is quite popular in this era, because it is strong and durable. However, it will take time because it commonly uses the concrete to install that, so that it will more expensive than the other materials. Furthermore, the texture is too hard for our feet, and that is why people tend to choose wood or vinyl due to its comfort.


Using wood as the floor sometimes is the best choice for many people. It is cheaper price and soft texture will be the reasons why people choose this. However, you have to deal with it that every single material has its strength and weakness. For laminate wood flooring, it will not be as strong as the other material, because as you know, that wood is not too durable. You should replace it with a new one after only 4-5 years. It might be different with the stone or ceramic material that can stand for decades. Vinyl is also more durable than the wood, but it is going to cost you much expensive than the wood.


Indeed, every material has weaknesses, so that you need to consider seriously before constructing your house floor. The laminate wood flooring could be your best due to its price and appearance. Yes, its appearance is very attractive and interesting, and it is really suitable for your rustic house or vintage house that need more flavors as the wood can give.

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