Dark Wood Floors For Kids Bedroom

dark wood floors with dark cabinets


Kid bedrooms should be well considered by parents because kid’s taste is pretty difficult to guess. Decorating kid bedroom is obviously difficult than it seems, because kid sometimes has weird taste and style that cannot be predicted by the parents. Installing dark wood floors will be the main topic of this article. Dark wood is usually for old school and classic style that kid usually hates. So, you need to make some creativity to make it nice. Indeed, it is pretty necessary to decorate your kid’s bedroom, because this will be influential for their growth and future. It is not easy, because it is not your room. Decorating someone’s room is definitely hard, especially kid.


All you need to do is asking your kid. You have to find out what they like and what they want for their bedroom. You cannot just decorate by yourself, because it will piss them off. So, if you have found out what they want, you should start decorate it. Dark wood floors are actually useful for kid bedroom, because kid usually make something dirty with the wall and the floor. So, dark color will cover the dirty stuff that usually mess the bedroom up. However, decorating kid bedroom requires little bit patience. You should find out what suitable wall color that your kid does not hate. White is actually the best color for dark floor, but kids tend to love bright color.


Dark wood is not really easy to combine, so that it is better for you to pick a kind of theme. For example, you choose yellow as the other color. Then, you should paint your wall with yellow and pick yellow as the furniture as well. Dark wood floors will be matching with any kind of color, unless it is a solid color.

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