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Growing cannabis in a cost effective manner and efficiently are shown in several growing facilities that are increasingly established ever since recreational cannabis was legalized in California in January 2018. At the start, medical marijuana are mostly based in facilities and are occupying in old buildings, but later on more and more entrepreneurs are joining the wagon in this kind of business. With this increase of interest, new facilities are being constructed and new equipment are needed.

In order to get yields in a maximum manner, some pre-existing medical marijuana facilities reached out and looked for some new methods in growing solution where vertical space is being utilized. It was fortunate that there are systems and space design groups with maximizing space as their specialty who have the answer to this need. This grow solution at first was a learning experience for both the space and design teams and their clients especially the idea was a first in multi-tiered grow solution.After taking into considerations several obstacles like matters about lighting, irrigation, ventilation and plant height requirements and so on, they designed finally a vertical solution after working on the project for 5 months of completion.

To solve customized storage solutions, several companies are offering products that can be applied to almost any conditions. An example is an organization that holds a strong position in serving museums, libraries, hospitals, public safety and military markets. As the marijuana market continues to grow, this company has new clients in this area that need creative systems that the systems planners of the company has to be challenged in their work considering their product will now involve living matters.

It is interesting to know the various kinds of challenges that have to be solved when you grow cannabis using the vertical shelving structure method. Since these factors have to be incorporated with each other, it is good to know what are these concerns.

The first is about lighting, where the installation is to be right under the shelving section above. With regards to ventilation, they found that the shelving section and above is where should be the right installation. Know that as far as the irrigation and grow mediums are concern, the area of grow techniques could differ depending on the different soil mediums in relation to hydroponic or aeroponic system. In either situation, trays are recessed between the structure or beams, or pots can be placed on a wide span shelving. Shelves are also made adjustable in order to answer to the preference of the growers and thus making the vertical space more accommodating to the different height strains.

Not only is the cannabis market using the space saver multi-tiered high density movable vertical systems , but other kinds of indoor farming are making use of it too.

Lessons Learned About Guide

Lessons Learned About Guide


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