grey beading for laminate flooring

Grey Laminate Flooring For Minimalist House

  Decorating house surely requires patience and creativity. Floor is also one of parts that you could decorate in order to get the best look. Grey Laminate flooring is a nice preference in choosing the flooring of your minimalist house. Minimalist house is probably one of the most common house types in this era. This […]

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high gloss white laminate flooring

The Natural Vintage White Laminate Flooring Concept

  White laminate flooring is definitely a vintage house theme. Do you ever see a house which has a white floor? Yup, it is the white vintage laminate flooring. It is the old fashion design interior that still bring the best performance ever. If you like a vintage theme, this is the time you should […]

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cork flooring in the bathroom pros and cons

The Great Cork Flooring In Bathroom Ideas

Cork flooring in bathroom probably the newest idea in these days. People all over the world are trying to apply it as the new bathroom concept. We totally agree if you want to try this concept to your lovely bathroom. This concept makes your bathroom not slippery, obviously. As we know that the cork flooring […]

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